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ODAM datapackage based on JSON-Schema

A data package is a simple container format based on JSON Schema specifications used to describe and package a collection of data. Defining an explicit schema for structural metadata allows machines to better interpret the data for reuse. Thus, when disseminating data, a file named datapackage.json by convention can be added to the collection of your data files. This datapackage.json file contains all structural metadata along with unambiguous definitions of all internal elements (e.g. column definitions, units of measurement), through links to accessible (standard) definitions.

ODAM data package schema is very close to the Frictionless Data framework.

graph TD A(Data Source) H(Table Schema) B(ODAM Table Schema) C(CSV Data Descriptor) D(ODAM Categories) E(ODAM Data Resource) F(Data Package) G(ODAM Data package) K(ODAM CV Term) H-->B K-->B D-->B A-->E B-->E C-->E E-->G F-->G click A "" _blank click C "" _blank click E "./odam-data-resource" click F "" _blank click G "./odam-data-package" click H "" _blank classDef ODAM fill:#f9f class B,D,E,G,K ODAM

How the ODAM Data Package is composed out of Frictionless Data specs

Based on structural metadata previously defined using the Data preparation protocol for ODAM compliance, the datapackage.json file can be generated directly from the ODAM API by specifying '/datapackage' at the end of the request. By default, the reference to the data files is relative. To have a URL as reference for the data files, it is necessary to add at the end of the request '?links=1'

ODAM data-package on github

Frim1 datapackage as an example

The URI for the Frim1 dataset: odam:frim1 (after de-reification) returns the structural metadata returned according to the JSON datapackage schema

Data Package and FAIR

Frictionless Data Specifications