‘hubeau’ is an R-package proposing a collection of function to help retrieve data from the French national databases on water: https://hubeau.eaufrance.fr


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# Install development version from GitHub:
# install.packages("remotes")

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The ‘hubeau’ package provides functions for ‘Hub’Eau’ APIs and their related endpoints. These functions are named as follow: hubeau::get_[API]_[endpoint].

Currently available APIs and related endpoints are listed below.

API “Ecoulement des cours d’eau”

API documentation: https://hubeau.eaufrance.fr/page/api-ecoulement

Available functions:

API “Hydrométrie”

API documentation: https://hubeau.eaufrance.fr/page/api-hydrometrie

Available functions:

API “Indicateurs des services”

API documentation: https://hubeau.eaufrance.fr/page/api-indicateurs-services

Available functions:

API “Piézométrie”

API documentation: https://hubeau.eaufrance.fr/page/api-piezometrie

Available functions:

API “Poisson”

API documentation: https://hubeau.eaufrance.fr/page/api-poisson

Available function:

API “Prélèvements en eau”

API documentation: https://hubeau.eaufrance.fr/page/api-prelevements-eau

Available functions:

API “Qualité de l’eau potable”

API documentation: https://hubeau.eaufrance.fr/page/api-qualite-eau-potable

Available functions:

API “Qualité des cours d’eau”

API documentation: https://hubeau.eaufrance.fr/page/api-qualite-cours-deau

Available functions:

API “Qualité des nappes d’eau souterraines”

API documentation: https://hubeau.eaufrance.fr/page/api-qualite-nappes

Available functions:

API “Température des cours d’eau”

API Documentation https://hubeau.eaufrance.fr/page/api-temperature-continu

Available functions:

A complete documentation is available on the package website: https://inrae.github.io/hubeau/


The authors would like to thank the European Commission and the French National Research Agency (ANR) for funding in the frame of the collaborative international consortium IN-WOP financed under the 2018 Joint call of the WaterWorks2017 ERA-NET Cofund. This ERA-NET is an integral part of the activities developed by the Water JPI.

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