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Convert list provided by the APIs into a tibble


Main internal functions for querying the Hub'eau API endpoints


List available query parameters of an API endpoint

get_hydrometrie_obs_elab() get_hydrometrie_observations_tr() get_hydrometrie_sites() get_hydrometrie_stations()

Retrieve data from API "Hydrométrie"

get_indicateurs_services_communes() get_indicateurs_services_indicateurs() get_indicateurs_services_services()

Retrieve performance indicators from drinking water supply and sanitation services at commune level

get_niveaux_nappes_stations() get_niveaux_nappes_chroniques() get_niveaux_nappes_chroniques_tr()

Retrieve data from API "Piézométrie"

get_prelevements_points_prelevement() get_prelevements_ouvrages() get_prelevements_chroniques()

Retrieve data from API "Prélèvements en eau"


hubeau: A package for retrieving data on the French databases on water "Hub'eau"